Zip Disk

Check for Damaged Disk

Slide the cartridge shutter aside. Rotate the media one full turn by pressing lightly on the silver hub and turning it at the same time. Examine the edge of the media. Look for cuts, rough edges, wrinkles, or missing pieces. If you note any damage do not use the disk.  It is important that you do not use a damaged disk. It will damage the drive.

Inserting Zip Disk

Disk should slide in easily. Do not try to coax a disk into drive. If you meet any resistance at all, do not insert disk in that drive. Try another drive or another disk.  A click from a Zip drive is normal when a user inserts, ejects, saves to, or accesses a Zip disk. However, repetitive clicking is a symptom of a damaged drive or disk. 

Using Linux

Before Linux can access a Zip disk you must enter "mtzip" to mount it. When you are finished, you cannot remove the Zip disk until you enter "unmtzip" to unmount it. Before you can unmount the disk you must change your current directory to something other than /mnt/zip.

        Follow these steps:
    1. Inset Zip disk cartridge.
    2. Enter "mount /mnt/zip" to mount Zip disk at /mnt/zip.
    3. Copy to, copy from, or change to: /mnt/zip
    4. When done enter "cd" to change to home directory. 
    5. Enter "umount /mnt/zip" to unmount Zip disk.
    6. If Zip disk does not auto eject press eject button.

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