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Graduate Programs in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics

Graduate classes for the academic year 2009-2010

Fall 2009

Graduate courses
CSCI-B 583 Game Programming and Design 05:30P-06:45P MW NS 223 Vrajitoru D
MATH-M 562 Statistical Design of Experiments 05:30P-06:45P TR NS 223 Guan Z
MATH-M 571 Analysis of Numerical Method I 04:00P-05:15P MW NS 204 Alvis D

Undergraduate 400 level
CSCI-B 438 Fundamentals of Computer Networks 04:00P-05:15P TR NS 223 Surma D
C490/B590? Computer Security 07:00P-08:15P MW NS 205 Adaikkalavan R
MATH-M 413 Introduction To Analysis 1 04:00P-05:15P TR NS 225 Shafii-Mousavi M
MATH-M 463 Intro To Probability Theory 1 07:05P-08:20P MW NS 225 Cheng Y
MATH-M 468 Adv Statistical Techniques 2 05:30P-06:45P TR NS 223 Guan Z
MATH-M 471 Numerical Analysis 1 04:00P-05:15P MW NS 204 Alvis D
MATH-M 491 Putnam Exam Seminar Arranged Alvis D

Spring 2010

Graduate courses
CSCI-B 503 Algorithms Analysis and Design 4:00-5:15pm MW NS205 Vrajitoru D.
CSCI-B 551 Elements of Artificial Intelligence 4:00-5:15 TR Wolfer J.
CSCI-P 565 Software Engineering Yu L
B590? Graduate seminar
Math-M 575 Simulation Modeling 05:30P-6:45P TR Z. Guan
Math-M 5** 05:30P-6:45P MW D. Alvis

Undergraduate 400 level
CSCI-C 442 Database Systems
CSCI C 435 Operating Systems
Math-M 414 Introduction to Analysis II 02:30P-3:45P TR M. Shafii
Math-M 466 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 07:05-8:20P MW Y. Cheng
Math-M 409 Linear Transformations 05:30P-6:45P MW D. Alvis