Certificate in Technology for Administration

The student must complete the following four courses with a grade of B or better. All of the courses must be taken at IU South Bend.

CSCI A505 - Object Oriented Programming (4 credit)
BUSB K506 - Web Site Development Techniques (3 credit) 
CSCI A510 - Database Systems (3 credit)
CSCI A515 - Telecommunications and Computer Networks (4 credit)

Depending on prior academic experience, a student may be exempted from one of the above courses. In such cases, the student must consult the department chair to make an appropriate substitution. The total number of credits for the certificate should remain at or above 14.

In addition, the student may be required to take additional courses to satisfy possible deficiencies. Prospective students are encouraged to consult with the department chair or the coordinator for the certificate program for additional information. 

NOTE: This is a graduate level certificate. Students must have a bachlor's prior to enrolling in any of the above courses. Without a four year degree, you are not eligible to receive this certificate.

Requirement sheet

Graduation Application (Complete this form after completing the requirements)

For a list of Computer Science Courses click here.

Policy Regarding Certificates in Computer Science
 Policy: Starting February 9th 2001, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a new policy regarding the awarding of Certificates in Computer Science.  Students in computer science can not receive a Certificate in Computer Science at the same time as they receive an AS or BS degree in Computer Science.  The rationale is that an AS or BS degree would include the requirement of a certificate program, so is no need to award a certificate at the same time as the AS or BS.
Students seeking certificates in computer science should make sure that they ask for and receive their certificates at the proper time so such a conflict does not arise.  This typically means that you can not receive a certificate in the same semester as an AS or BS.