Knight, William, Ph.D. in Mathematics (University of California, Berkeley, 1969), M.Sc. in Statistics (Pennsylvania State University, 1977), M.Sc. in Computer Science (University of Illinois, Urbana, 1986). Research interests: analysis of algorithms; data structures.

Russo, John, Ph.D. in Mathematics (Florida State University, 1965). Research interests: program efficiency; software engineering.


Adaikkalavan, Raman, Ph.D. in Computer Science (University of Texas and Arlington, 2006). Research interests: information security, active databases.

Dinh, Hang, Ph.D. in Computer Science (University of Connecticut, 2010). Research interests: Quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography, algorithm analysis and design, heuristic search.

Hakimzadeh, Hossein, Ph.D. in Computer Science (North Dakota State University, 1993). Research interests: database management systems; operating systems; distributed systems, object-oriented software engineering.

Nair, Murlidharan, Ph.D. in Bioinformatics (University of Poona, India, 1996). Research interest: Computational analysis of genetic macromolecules, application of statistical learning methods to biology, alternative splicing and splicing arrays.

Scheessele, Mike, Ph.D. in Quantitative and Mathematical Psychology (Purdue University). Research interests: Cognitive science and artificial intelligence, especially psychologically plausible artificial vision and problem-solving systems.

Surma, Dave, Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering (University of Notre Dame 1998). Research interests: Parallel and Distributed Computing, Multimedia applications, Computer Architectures, High-Performance Networks, and Software tools for parallel and distributed computing systems.

Yu, Liguo, Ph.D. in Computer Science (Vanderbilt University, 2004). Research interest: software engineering in general with emphasis on software dependency, software reuse, software maintenance, and open-source development.

Vrajitoru, Dana, D.Sci. in Computer Science (University of Neuchâtel, 1997). Research interests: genetic algorithms; scientific visualization; parallel computation; information retrieval; artificial intelligence.

Wolfer, James, Ph.D. in Computer Science (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1993). Research interests: harnessing the power of naturally inspired computation to solve real-world problems, visualization in science and medicine, cognitive science and computer science education.

Zhang, Liqiang, Ph.D. in Computer Science (Wayne State University, 2005). Research interests: wireless networking and mobile computing, Quality of Service, real-time computing, sensor networks, and network security.