The Cognitive Aging Lab is part of the Department of Psychology at Indiana University South Bend, and our lab office and testing rooms are located within the psychology department on the second floor of Wiekamp Hall.

Cognitive Lab
Our research interests lie in how the aging process affects performance in a range of cognitive capacities, including attention, perception, executive functioning and wisdom. Our research generally falls along two separate (albeit related) lines of research. First, we explore age-related declines in processing speed using mixed-method (ie., both quantitative and qualitative) experimental designs. Second, we examine age group differences in visual cognition, using a variety of experimental methods. We take particular interest in how the dynamics of the aging body can in turn affect the aging mind. We have multiple projects currently running, and if you are interested in participating, click on the 'Participate' link to send us an email. Our testing is primarily comprised of computerized tasks that measure the subject's accuracy and reaction time. We encourage you to browse our website for more information. For any student interested in possibly joining the lab, feel free to contact Dr. Costello directly.

Lab Director:
  • Matthew Costello, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Indiana University South Bend
  • 1700 Mishawaka Avenue,
    South Bend IN 46634
  • Phone: (574) 520-4593
  • Fax: (574) 520-4538
  • Email: