We are always looking for subjects to serve in our studies, and we would be happy to screen you as a potential participant. We are actively looking for individuals who are between the ages of either 18-30 years, or 60 – 85 years. You must be healthy and English must be your primary language. Each of our studies has different criteria for participation, and we would be happy to screen you confidentially over the phone.

Our testing involves a combination of simple computerized tasks and pencil-and-paper tasks. You need to have no previous experience with computers in order to participate.

The success of this lab depends upon its participants, and the role that you can play in furthering our research and knowledge of how aging works is tremendous. Although you will receive no direct benefits, most of our subjects reporting enjoying the studies, and frequently ask to return for future studies. You will be compensated for your participation. Although the exact payment varies by study, participants generally receive around $10/hr for their time and energy. Current IUSB students can receive course credit points, typically at the rate of ~10cr/hr, through sign-up via the online SONA system.


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