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Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership
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The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership will give you the training and credentials to become a sustainability champion and help your business, not-for-profit, or governmental unit to take advantage of the newly emerging green economy opportunities for innovation and efficiency offered by leveraging the triple-bottom-line of people, prosperity and planet.
The Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership may be taken alone, or as part of the Master of Liberal Studies Degree.  All classes for the Certificate can be completed in the evening and within 15 months, including the summer session.

Download the course descriptions for Summer and Fall, 2014 HERE

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Requirements for Admission

Students are admitted to the Strategic Sustinability Leadership Certificate program by the Sustainability Studies faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. To be considered for admission, students must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and must have obtained an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. Applications are due one week before the first day of classes for the following semester. (i.e. - Classes start August 27; Applications due August 20)

A student whose native language is not English must have a minimum TOEFL score of 560 (standard grading) or 220 (computer graded). The recommended TOEFL score is 600 (standard grading) or 250 (computer graded). Exceptions to these requirements may be made at the discretion of the Sustainablity Studies faculty. To learn more about meeting the proficiency documentation requirement, click HERE

All students wishing to enter the program should contact Mike Keen, Director, at mkeen@iusb .edu prior to submitting an application. 

Students applying for admission to the program must submit the following materials by the appropriate deadline: a completed online graduate studies application; transcripts of all previous undergraduate study; an application fee; and three short essays of between 300-500 words to help the admissions committee consider whether the student’s background and intellectual interests constitute a good match for the Certificate Program. Since the Program has a strong emphasis on writing, the admissions committee also uses the essay as evidence of a student’s ability to write at a graduate level. You are encouraged, therefore, to take the time to write clearly and effectively.

As part of your application, please answer all of the following questions and attach them to the application in order for it to be considered complete.

1) Describe your academic, professional, and/or personal background and how it has prepared or led you to pursue studying sustainability.
2) What motivates you? Share the passion that drives your actions, inspires your dreams, and moves you to do and be all that you hope to do and be.
3) Explain why you’ve decided to undertake graduate work and how the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership fits into your future personal, professional, and intellectual plans.


*Please note that in order to access the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability ledership, you must first select "To Obtain a Degree" from "Graduate Liberal Arts and Sciences." Once there, you can select the Certificate program.

Graduates with a Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership will be able to:

  1. Identify and employ the literacies and concepts of sustainability, i.e., associated with understanding the triple bottom line of environment, economy and society. 
  2. Utilize interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary avenues for learning and application of knowledge of sustainability.
  3. Employ a systems approach, which demonstrates holistic thinking, integration, and complexity. 
  4. Recognize and be able to judge the applicability of existing sustainability tools and frameworks, such as LEED, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Biomimicry, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), The Natural Step, Energy Star, Cradle to Cradle. 
  5. Use the competencies of innovation and apply them in the use of sustainability as a platform for innovation.
  6. Apply collaborative and leadership skills. 
  7. Practice transformative thinking to become an effective change agent. 
  8. Demonstrate an ethical sensibility and capacity for empathy. 
  9. Employ skills of persuasion in a variety of ways; (rhetoric and argument, media, public relations, political/community organizing). 
  10. Formulate and implement sustainability action plans and solutions in real-life settings (household, workplace, organizations, community) and through civic engagement.


Employment Opportunities

Today, the largest and most well-known corporations in the world,  e.g., Wal-Mart, Interface, Nike, Starbucks, Cummins Engine, Toro, Home Depot, IKEA, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Electrolux, and General Electric, are aggressively integrating sustainability action plans into their operations.  In order to do this, they are also looking upstream and asking the many local and regional small business suppliers in their value and supply chains to do the same. As a result, small and medium sized businesses, which provide the lion’s share of jobs in our region as well as nationally, find themselves scrambling to catch up in this changing environment.  The problem is that in most cases small and medium businesses, manufacturers, and service providers do not have the expertise, personnel, or resources to set up the kind of robust sustainability education and training programs that their corporate clients are demanding of them.This growing interest and demand for sustainability is not limited to business, but is now a driving factor in virtually every sector of our society and economy.  Government (local, state, and federal), the not-for-profit sector, and the general public are also struggling to become more sustainable in the face of soaring energy costs and growing concerns about environmental degradation and global climate change.

For examples of the types of positions available, an links to job opportunities, for graduates with a Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership look HERE.

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