A concept map has been designed for a showcase for sustainability on the IU South Bend campus. There are 10 city lots to fill with programming, plantings, art, and more. The result will inspire, educate and allow everyone to explore current and real world sustainability possibilities.

Based on initial feedback, three reports were prepared in Spring, 2017, to outline the opportunities. See the White papers and video presentations listed below.

General Overview of the Plans:

Proposed Street View of the Gardens:

Items proposed to be included in the garden: 

Sustainability Showcase White Papers: These projects were developed by Sustainability Studies students from the undergradute and graduate courses in conjunction with engineering students from Purdue Polytechnic. They were designed around three topic areas that received the most feedback from campus and community surveys about what should be included in the Sustainability Showcase on the IU South Bend campus. The topics were: Renewables, Alternative Transportation, and a Greenhouse. The three students groups were asked to consider the following questions:

  1. How can we install your team's item on campus in the Showcase area? Should we?
  2. Will it help move us where we want to go? (at scale sustainability installations that will fit in a city, on an average city lot)
  3. What design will work best? Are there alternative options that could be considered?
  4. What will it cost, what is the cost benefit analysis, and will it be a good return on investment?

Click on the paper titles below to dowload the report, or watch the video presentation of the projects (15-30 minutes each).

By Emily Mann, Joanna Ritter, Eva Ruiz, Brian Carmichael, and John Njiru
By Brandon Prince, Diane Richmond, Brandon Taylor, and George Malone
By Chloe Deardorff, Gabrielle Robinson, Austin Salsberry, Brett Simpson, Lacie Brown, and Ben Weiss