CTS Center for Experiential Education

Field Projects

The CTS-CEE offers students in the School of Business and Economics at IU South Bend opportunities to apply their classroom learning to realistic decision-making situations. Field Projects engage teams of students in projects for organizations. Each student team is expected to complete an analysis of a decision situation, provide insights into the situation, and offer suggestions and alternatives that the organization should consider as it responds to the situation. The student team will be guided by a Client Mentor as well as a Faculty Mentor.

Work on the Field Project will generally span an entire semester. In some rare occasions, depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may extend a few more weeks or months. Project milestones, products, and deliverables will be specified at the outset of the project. Specific project expectations may change as the student team undertakes their activity. Such changes will be coordinated with the Client Mentor and the Faculty Mentor. Students will need to incorporate additional logistics for visiting the client and scheduling team meetings. Students are also expected to direct more of the work themselves than they typically do in a traditional class. There will be opportunities for Client Mentors, Faculty Mentors, and student teammates to evaluate each member of a given Field Project student team. These evaluations may affect a student’s individual course grade.

Academic Expectations
Academic expectations are defined by the student in consultation with the Faculty Mentor. The Faculty Mentor is responsible for evaluating student performance and submitting the student’s final grade for course credit. The student team needs to carefully define the academic plan as well as the project plan along with the Faculty Mentor to maintain academic rigor and customer expectations.

Academic Qualifications
Graduate and undergraduate Business students are eligible for scholarships and for participation on Field Project teams. Undergraduate students must be admitted to the Upper Level Business Program to be eligible. All students are expected to be in good academic standing (i.e., students on probation or in other academic difficulty are not eligible).

Class Registration
Undergraduate students have to register for BUS X482: Undergraduate Field Project in Business & Economics. Graduate students have to register for BUSB X582: Graduate Field Project in Business and Economics.

Application Process
Students who are interested in the field projects should contact the CTS-CEE office. The process and the forms are below. Once you have been selected for an field project, make sure you earn course credit!

FORM P-1   |  FORM P-2   |   FORM P-3   |   FORM P-4    |   FORM P-5   |   FORM P-6

Project Process