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Students may earn course credit for their internship from IU South Bend while being financially compensated by the organization providing the internship. By working with an Internship Mentor from the Leighton School of Business and Economics faculty, a student may prepare an academic plan that the Mentor shall monitor and evaluate. The academic plan may include maintaining a professional journal, preparation of reflective papers, or other academic assignments designed to encourage the student to reflect on their experience. Each student will be strongly encouraged to make a presentation to a class related to their internship experience, thereby sharing their experience with other students.

Work on the Internship will generally span an entire semester. In rare cases, it may extend to a few more semesters. Internships available through the CTS Center for Experiential Education (CTS-CEE) and through Career Services should offer students stimulating opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge in realistic settings. While students, understandably, must start in entry-level positions with limited responsibilities, internships should not be endless hours of menial tasks. Internships usually last for a specific length of time. As opposed to on-going employment, internships usually have a definite conclusion. Some internships will require students to be present at an office for specific hours on a regular schedule. In other cases, students will have more flexible scheduling, as defined by the internship organization. The expectations will typically be defined in the internship announcement distributed to students by the CTS-CEE and/or Career Services.

Academic Expectations
Academic expectations are defined by the student in consultation with an Internship Mentor from the Leighton School of Business and Economics’ faculty. The Internship Mentor will be the faculty member responsible for evaluating the student's performance and submitting the student’s final grade for course credit. The student must carefully define the academic plan on the Internship Proposal documentation with the Internship Mentor to maintain academic rigor and customer expectations.

Academic Qualifications
Students in the Leighton School of Business and Economics who have earned Junior class standing and have completed at least six credit-hours in their area of concentration (Accounting, Finance, etc.) may apply for an Internship. Graduate Business students are all eligible. All students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for an internship.

Class Registration
Undergraduate students have to be register for the course, BUS X481: Undergraduate Internship in Business & Economics. Graduate students have to register for the course BUSB X581: Graduate Internship in Business and Economics.

Application Process
Students who are interested in an Internship should follow the following process. To begin the process, get an Internship directly from a company, choose an Internship posted in this website, or choose an Internship from the Career Services Office. The forms are linked below:

FORM I-1   |   FORM I-2   |  FORM I-3   |  FORM I-4

Internship Process