CTS Center for Experiential Education

Past Internships

Students have completed several Internships in the past years. The following are just a few illustrations of our best Internshipts.

Company: Deco-Chem, Inc.
Company Website:
Address: 3502 North Home Street, Mishawaka, Indiana

Internship Description:
Search Engine Marketing, Website Management, IT Technical Support

Academic Expectations:
The student will learn from books and journal papers on Search Engine Marketing techniques, how to create and update website. The student will learn from user manuals on ERP software (SBT and AlphaLan), Act2, and US Business Marketing.

Comments from Client:
"The student from IUSB is a leader and will take over projects if needed. The student's ability to work on projects till it is completed is above average. The student was kind, generous, and thoughtful and has shown that she would be a good manager. The student is a good people reader and works well with others and has helped us to develop ink systems that will help grow the company. The student has some chemistry background and computer knowledge. The student was helping us with the chemistry, computer, and marketing side of the business." - Brent Davis, President, Deco-Chem Inc.

Company: NExTT Solutions.
Company Website:
Address: 218 W. Washington Avenue, Suite #830, South Bend, Indiana

Project Description:
Design and implement an interactive multimedia instructional software.

Academic Expectations:
Identify learning and marketing objectives of IMS, Develop an interactive multimedia instructional software to fulfill these objectives, Logical and physical design of the database, Normalization issues, Database testing, Analysis of IMS SW industry.

Comments from Client:
"The student has shown tremendous progress over the past 6 months particularly in her confidence and willingness to suggest solutions. She understands the value of workin within a small team and the importance of "how" to communicate effectively. I have been closely related to internship programs for close to 20 years. I often tend to be more critical as a teaching/learning situation. But in this case, the student has demonstrated personal and professional poise that warrants praise. Thank you for the opportunity to work with the student. She has been a tremendous asset to our organization.  I look forward to working with her and expanding our internship program to include more IUSB students." - Dave "DOC" O'Connor, President, NExTT Solutions.