CTS Center for Experiential Education

Welcome to the CTS-CEE

The CTS Center for Experiential Education was established by the Leighton School of Business and Economics in 2007. Funded by a generous grant from the CTS Corporation, the mission of the CTS-CEE is to encourage development of realistic learning situations in which students can apply the concepts and skills developed in the classroom setting. Our goal is to offer Leighton Business and Economics students as many application opportunities as possible by encouraging the use of:

  • In-class case studies and simulations, and
  • Student internships

The CTS-CEE partners with members of the business community who provide internships and other means for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.

For additional information,

or contact:

Deanna Shively

Deanna Shively
Director, CTS Center and
Lecturer in Experiential Learning
Administration Building, Room 204G