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nature, society, and the human experience

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Posted in 2013, Literature, Poetry, Society & Culture

I remember the tall old oak shifting in the morning light, winking there where Jefferson Boulevard runs toward Ironwood.

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A Mother’s Love

Posted in 2013, Essays, Literature, Society & Culture, Uncategorized

Nowhere were the ideals of French Enlightenment motherhood more present than in eighteenth century genre paintings that offered framed moments of domestic intimacy and pleasure, untouched by the trials of daily life.

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Swimming Women and Social Change

Posted in 2013, Society & Culture

Popular magazines were filled with women “firsts”: [see note 4] first woman hot air balloon pilot, first woman biology professor, or even first woman parliamentary stenographer. Women entered a range of new and unlikely careers from bank directors to blacksmiths.

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The undercover novelist

Posted in 2013, Books, Essays, Literature, Society & Culture

A wide stone outcropping lifts the high jutting planes of the house, while water in the shape of a curtain obeys gravity below.

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A stranger in the neighborhood

Posted in 2013, Essays, Society & Culture, Uncategorized

Homeowner or not, I want to feel safe, happy and connected to my community. Perhaps now that we’ve all been remixed and re-mingled, the focus will be less on the status of the residents and more on the spirit of the community. A renter dreams of being acknowledged as a full member of the community.

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