Each graduate of a dental hygiene program must pass multiple examinations in order to apply for licensure in each state.


National Board of Dental Hygiene

The National Board of Dental Hygiene Examination is a computerized 350 question exam covering all aspects of dental hygiene. Students must rely on their knowledge from their prerequisite courses through their dental hygiene program. This exam is taken in the final semester of the program. All students must pass this exam at 75% in order to be eligible for licensure in the U.S.


Clinical Examination

In Indiana, students will take the Northeast Regional Board Examination. The NERB consists of a clinical examination and a computerized exam or CSCE. The clinical exam is given here at IU South Bend Dental Hygiene Clinic at the end of each spring semester. Each candidate for the NERB must select a patient and clean their teeth efficiently and effectively. The computerized portion is given at Prometric sites with multiple locations throughout the state.


State Licensure

Once the student has passed these examinations they may apply for licensure in Indiana or other states. It is important to note, though, all state licensure for dental hygiene are different. Indiana requires a law exam to be taken. More information on Indiana Dental Hygiene licensure can be found here.

For more information check out ADHA's info page on licensure here.