Pain Management and Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

This course will be offered to licensed practicing dental hygienists. It will include 15 hours of didactic and 15 hours of clinical instruction. Dental hygienists will be required to be present on site for the entire 30 hours of instruction (this course is not online). All instruction will be provided by dentists licensed to practice in Indiana and dental hygienists licensed in the state of Indiana and who have been issued a permit to administer local anesthesia by the Indiana State Board of Dentistry and the Professional Licensing Agency.

Course Offering and Costs

The course is four days of instruction and was offered twice this year. Due to the lack of demand for this course at the present time, we will not be offering another course and dates for next year have not been set.  At this time, we are unsure if we will offering another program here. 

Course Competencies

The 15 hours of didactic instruction will cover the following areas as outlined in Rule 2, Section 13.828 IAC 3-2: Theory of pain control, selection of pain control modalities, anatomy, neurophysiology, pharmacology of local anesthesia, pharmacology of vasoconstrictors, systemic complications, techniques of mandibular and maxillary injections, infection control, local anesthesia and medical emergencies, and a demonstration of clinical competency.

Injection Competencies

Supraperiosteal (Local infiltration), Anterior superior alveolar, Middle superior alveolar, Posterior superior alveolar, Nasopalatine, Greater palatine, Inferior alveolar, Gow-Gates, Vazirani-Akinosi, Mental Incisive, Buccal.