What does it take to get in?

A note from the Program Director.....

The dental hygiene program is a competitve program. It relies extensively on prior knowledge obtained in the prerequisite courses. While each year the applicants vary, one thing remains true: there are more applicants than spots available in the program. We accept 30 students a year and typically have over 100 applicants.

It takes a competitive GPA, strong science foundation, and a drive to succeed. The measure of our applicants isn't just in the GPA. Most of our applicants have a strong desire to be in the profession. While this desire won't get applicants accepted, it will help drive them to future success.

As Program Director, my advice to each applicant is to do well in the prerequisite courses, stay connected with the advisors in the College of Health Sciences, come tour the facility, meet the students and faculty, get your teeth cleaned in our clinic and network in the profession.

Dental Hygiene is an amazing field to be in right now. Laws in our state are changing to allow dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia. Some states are expanding their practice acts to allow for dental hygienists to pursue and obtain a master degree so the lack of access to care for our population can be solved.

If this is the field you truly desire, go for it. Get good grades, begin to think critically about everything, and make sure you stay connected.

Good luck!

Kimberly DeOrto, LDH, MSEd
Interim Program Director, Dental Education

Program Director