Office of Development

Establish a New Fund at IU South Bend

Gifts given to IU South Bend directly support scholarships and campus programs at IU South Bend. All gift designations are chosen by the donor. Scholarships have a direct impact on students attending IU South Bend. Funds directed to programs and departmental accounts support the schools on campus and opportunities for learning and student growth.

if you would like to support IU South Bend in a way that is not already determined by an existing account, you may establish a new fund. Funds can be created by a single donor or by multiple donors who share the same vision. You can choose, as individual or multiple donors, to open your fund to additonal gifts, increasing the total value of the fund over time.

If you wish to honor a family member or friend whose life has been touched by IU South Bend, you might consider making a gift to IU South Bend in their name or memory. Providing such a gift establishes a living tribute that inspires the philanthropy of others and strengthens IU South Bend in the name of your loved one.

Three types of funds can be established to support the IU South Bend campus. These different funds are differentiated by the way the principal gift is invested. General operating or scholarship accounts allow the entire gift to be used to support the department or project for which it was given. Another allows its principal to be expended but is invested in pooled long term investments. Finally, an endowment exists in perpetuity and only allows the interest earned to be used to support the purpose of the gift. Donors create endowments for many reasons and they are often created in honor or memory of someone or to extend the legacy of a cherished professor or student.

Bicentennial Campaign

To help the regional campuses reach their goals in the bicentennial campaign, President McRobbie has established an impact match for donations for newly established scholarships, funds or naming of professorships to our campus. All new, named endowments of at least $25,000 established by current or former full-time faculty and staff are eligible for the match. Once a gift is fully funded and generating spendable income, an IU match equal to 4.5 percent of the original gift amount will be provided annually, forever. This has the effect of a 9% interest award. Gifts may be paid over 5 years. What a wonderful way to leave a legacy to our campus. The impact of a donation is doubled with this match.

Bequests or other revocable planned gifts qualify for the match, as do newly established charitable gift annuities. Once the gift agreement and matching addendum are signed, the match is reserved.

We will share the progress of the 2016 Campus Campaign with you! We invite you to visit the 2016 Campus Campaign webpage. The site features FAQs, payroll deduction tables, and as always, tax deduction information.

For more information about establishing a new account to support the IU South Bend campus, please contact Dina Harris at 574-520-4131.