Requesting and Accessing Services

The process for receiving services and accommodations through the Disability Support Services (DSS) office is as follows:

Contact the DSS office

This may be done using the Disability Disclosure Form in the information packet you receive as part of your application process, by telephone or e-mail, or by stopping in at the DSS office. It is the student’s responsibility to contact DSS. DSS does not make the initial contact with a student. You will then be scheduled for an intake appointment with one of the DSS staff.

Complete an Intake Form

This is done during the initial appointment with DSS. The DSS Intake Form requires a disclosure of your disability.

Provide appropriate documentation of a disability

You will be asked to provide documentation of your disability (see Documentation Guidelines). If you suspect that you have a disability, but have not been evaluated or diagnosed, the DSS staff may be able to recommend an appropriate professional or agency who can provide such an assessment.

Request and obtain approval of accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services

The DSS representative will explain the types of accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services available through the office and may make recommendations. However, it is the student’s responsibility to request specific accommodations or services. The DSS professional will either approve the request, approve an alternative accommodation or service, or the request may be denied. The student is responsible for making a request for services in a timely manner. For example, it often requires several weeks to provide a textbook in an electronic format.

Deliver Accommodation Letters to instructors

When an approved accommodation or service requires faculty involvement, such as for testing accommodations, an Accommodation Letter describing the approved accommodation or service is written to the faculty member. Instructors are not required to implement an approved accommodation until they are actually given an Accommodation Letter. It is also the student’s responsibility to meet with the instructor to discuss implementation of the accommodation. The student is not required to disclose the disability, nor explain or justify the accommodation.

Notify the DSS office if approved accommodations, auxiliary aids, or services are not being provided

Because the student is expected to take an active role in requesting and receiving disability support services, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the DSS office, and the instructor if he/she is involved, when an accommodation or service is not being appropriately provided.

Request services each semester

Accommodations and services are provided on a semester-by-semester basis. The student must meet with the DSS office and request accommodations and services for each semester they are desired.