Rights and Responsibilities

A student with a disability has the right to:

Full and equal participation in the services and activities of Indiana University South Bend;

Reasonable classroom accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and services;

Privacy and the protection of confidential information;

Information readily available in accessible formats;

Appeal decisions pertaining to the provision of accommodations and services according to the established appeal process (see Appeals Process).

A student with a disability has the responsibility to:

Identify himself/herself as an individual with a disability in order to receive an accommodation or other disability-related service;

Provide appropriate documentation of a qualifying disability and the functional impact of that disability on their full and equal participation in courses, programs, and services of the University;

Follow the established procedures for obtaining and utilizing accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services;

Inform the Disability Support Services office if accommodations, auxiliary, aids, and services are not being provided;

Meet qualifications and maintain essentials institutional standards for courses and activities.

Indiana University South Bend, through its faculty and staff, has the right to:

Establish essential functions, abilities, skills, knowledge and standards for courses, programs, and activities and to evaluate students on this basis;

Confirm disability status and request and receive current, relevant documentation that supports requests for accommodations and services;

Discuss with the appropriate staff a student and his/her disability in order to implement requested accommodations;

Deny a request for accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services if documentation does not support the request or if documentation is not provided;

Select from equally effective accommodations, and/or auxiliary aids and services;

Refuse requests for accommodations, and/or auxiliary aids, and services that impose a fundamental alteration on a program or activity of the university.

Indiana University South Bend has the responsibility to:

Provide information to faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities in accessible formats upon request;

Evaluate students on the basis of their abilities and not their disabilities;

Respond to requests in a timely manner;

Provide or arrange reasonable accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities;

Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communications except where permitted or required by law.