Disability Support Services (DSS) offers a broad range of services to students with documented disabilities. After reviewing your documentation and evaluating the functional impact of your disability in the academic setting, DSS will determine appropriate services and accommodations. The student is responsible for following DSS policies and procedures for accessing and utilizing these services, including requesting services in a timely manner. A student providing the appropriate disability documentation may request services from DSS at any point in a semester or in their academic career. However, DSS strongly recommends that students contact the office immediately upon being admitted to IU South Bend. Services and accommodations are not retroactive in that they are applicable only from the time they are approved. Students must also meet with DSS and request services for each semester they are desired.

Prior to Admission to IU South Bend

Any student, prospective student, family member, faculty, staff, or interested community member may schedule an appointment to learn more about the services offered by the Office of Disability Support Services. All information is kept confidential unless specifically released.

Admissions Assistance

Prospective students are encouraged to contact DSS early in the admissions process with any questions or concerns. Students taking the placement exams may request testing accommodations. Students requesting testing accommodations must provide documentation of their disability prior to receiving this assistance.

After Admission to IU South Bend

Students registered with DSS are eligible for a variety of services and accommodations. These include:
Counseling and advising
Testing accommodations
Class capturing
Alternate format (electronic texts, Braille, large print) materials
Adaptive technology
Adaptive furniture