Faculty Resources for Course Development & Teaching

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Oncourse CL

Web-based Collaboration & Learning Environments; Campus-wide

One-stop resource and repository for class lectures, email, assignments, gradebook, tests and surveys, drop boxes, discussion forums, chats, wikis, and podcasts

Quality Matters

Web-based Program (IU South Bend subscription); See W:shared drive under UCET folder

Provides standards and rubrics to ensure that online courses (hybrid and fully online) have consistent quality for both design and delivery

Survey Monkey

Web-based Program (IU South Bend subscription); Individual of Dept. subscription through IU

Create surveys using their template; includes open-ended questions, multiple choice, one-choice, yes/no or true/false statements.  Provides user with a web address for respondents to access and complete the surveys

Web-based Program (IU South Bend subscription); email to get an account

Plagiarism detection service; students and/or faculty upload papers to check for plagiarism


Web-based Program; Campus-wide through Information Technology (IT)

Personal web page available to faculty, staff and students

Adobe Connect

Collaborative Software System; Campus-wide free download

(Formerly known as Breeze) Webconferencing and virtual office hours;  to get an account go to


Windows-based Software Program;  available at UCET’s Faculty Workroom (NS235)

Captures images on computer screen such as Powerpoint slides and websites, and records narration; create podcasts


Mac-based Software Program available for all faculty and staff;
Email for copy

Currently for Mac users only but Windows version is in beta version; create narrated Powerpoint presentations (e.g., podcasts without the bells and whistles that Camtasia may provide such as special effects on Powerpoint slides)


PC- /Mac-based Software Program; available at NS 235 or Instructional Media Services (IMS, ext. 5788)

Compress narrated Powerpoint presentations to Internet-friendly Powerpoint file sizes