Online Course Development Funding

Course development funding guidelines have changed since Spring 2016.  In consultation with department chairs and their respective faculty, academic deans submit a list of courses to be developed that are either 1) eligible for IUOCC (IU Online Class Connect) and/or 2) part of joint online degree programs. These courses are part of the Online Education Academic Plan for each School and College at IU South Bend. 

Funding for these courses are based on the following gjidelines:

For 3-credit courses:

  • Faculty who are developing an online course for the first time receives $3,000.
  • Faculty who have developed an online course previously receives $2,000.

For 1- and 2-credit courses, stipends are pro-rated. For example, for first-time faculty course developers,

  • stipends are $1,000 for a 1-credit course, and 
  • $2,000 for a 2-credit course. 

If you are interested in developing and teaching an IUOCC course, please speak with your department chair. More information can be found here.

So far, the Center for Online Education has funded the development of 178 fully online and 25 hybrid/blended courses through Fall 2018 for a total of 203 courses. More courses are forthcoming. 

Funded faculty course developers sign a memorandum of understanding, complete a hybrid course development seminar, and participate in several activities.