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Second Annual Teaching With Technology Fair Videos - 2011

The presentations of our guest speakers at the April 2011 Second Annual Teaching with Technology Fair are now available for viewing. Thanks to our Instructional Media Services staff – Jim Yocom, Joel Langston and Joe Haase – and our UCET staff, particularly Amy Pawlosky, for coordinating the video stream project. Thank you, once again, to our guest presenters for doing the presentations and for agreeing to have their videos posted on our website.

The Teaching with Technology Fair is a collaboration of UCET and Distance Learning. The Tech Fair showcases how our faculty integrated instructional technology tools with course development and teaching, and also launches the Call for Proposals for the Teaching with Technology SEED Grant. The SEED (Software and Equipment for Engagement and Discovery) Grant provides faculty with instructional technology tools and is funded by Distance Learning.

To access the video stream for each of the individuals below, please click on the link next to their names. For questions or comments, please email Dr. Marianne Castano Bishop (


  • Dennis Wolf (Video)* (Lecturer, Dept. Mathematical Sciences)
    • Highlighted “Best Practices for Online Instructors,” a document compiled by the Math Dept. faculty, and his own successful practices
    • Discussed how he used the laptop to develop and teach his online courses
  • Julio Hernando (Video)* (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of World Languages)
    • Discussed use of iPad Nano to audio-record live lectures in class and make them available to his students through Oncourse CL, affording them time outside of class to practice and decode speech
    • Discussed technical, pedagogical and privacy issues.
    • Demonstrated a few software programs for editing his recordings before posting in OCL
  • Tracey Trottier (Video)* (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science)
    • Demonstrated how she used the HP tablet PC to enhance the learning of statistics with her graduate students
    • Discussed how tablet PCs are becoming more integral to teaching in higher education.
  • Alicia Purcell (Video)* (Lecturer in Voice, Dept. of Music)
    • Demonstrated the use of Zoom Q3 handy video recorder to record her students as they prepared for their vocal performances
    • Discussed how her students were able to make changes for a much better performance after watching their own rehearsals
  • Henry Scott (Video)* (Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)
    • Discussed mobile blogging with an Apple iPad while on a coast-to-coast bicycle tour
    • Discussed rationale for choosing the iPad over other portable devices and how he obtained power, managed photos, used "apps" for composing blog entries, and posted on the road
  • Gwynn Mettetal (Video)* (Professor, School of Education and Dept. of Psychology)
    • Discussed the use of RevoLabs xTag wireless microphone with a podcasting software program
    • Highlighted the ups and downs of podcasting
    • Discussed what worked, what didn’t, and what might help faculty interested in podcasting

* Video plays with Apple QuickTime or a Web Browser with Apple QuickTime Plugin