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Want to earn college credit toward a university degree but don’t have the time to attend classes on-campus? IU South Bend’s online education program was designed with you in mind. You can take courses online wherever you have a good Internet connection with your computer – at home, coffee shop, etc.  Many of the courses needed to complete your undergraduate or graduate degree are available.

Courses Taught by IU South Bend Professors

As a student taking either a fully online or hybrid/blended (combination of online and on-campus classes) course, you get the same high quality education with courses designed and taught by the same professors who teach in our classrooms. You study at your own pace and convenience while meeting submission deadlines for your course requirements (such as assignments, projects, and exams) each semester.  It’s an ideal situation for:

  • Students who want an online course in addition to their campus-based classes
  • Students with family and/or job responsibilities
  • Adults returning to college
  • High school students who want to take college courses
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For more information, please contact the Gateway Information Center or call (574) 520-4135summer 2015 online development seminar cohort or email


Meet our Summer 2016 Faculty Cohort with their certificates of completion for the Online Education Course Development Seminar facilitated by Drs. Marianne Castano Bishop (Center for Online Education) and Firm Faith Watson (University Center for Excellence in Teaching), and Amy Pawlosky (UCET).  From L to R: Hong Zhuang (Economics), Steven Gerenscer (Political Science), Xing Lu (Finance), Hang Dinh (Computer Science), Josh Wells (Sociology/Anthropology), and Jenny Deranek (Health Sciences)


Meet our Spring 2016 Faculty Cohort with their certificates of completion for the Online Education Course Development Seminar facilitated by Dr. Marianne Castano Bishop (Center for Online Education) and Amy Pawlosky (University Center for Excellence in Teaching). From L to R: Raj Kohli (Finance), Robert Stockman (Religion), Hayley Froysland (History), Guanlin Gao (Economics), Kim McInerney (Communication Studies), Larry Lambert (Communication Studies), and Matt Marmorino (Chemistry)

Spring 2016 Online Development Seminar cohort


Meet our Fall 2015 Faculty Cohort who successfully completed the Distance Education Course Development Seminar facilitated Dr. Marianne Castano Bishop and Amy Pawlosky from the Center for Distance Education. They are (L to R): Bruce Watson (Education), Micheline Nilsen (Art History), Gabriel Popescu (Political Science), Tami Martinez (Communication Studies) Tom Murphy (History), Timothy Willig (History), Hope Smith Davis (Education) and Kevin Gillen (Communication Studies).

Fall 2015 Seminar Participants

For FALL 2015 CALL FOR PROPOSALS, 15 faculty members were approved to develop fully online courses.

1)      Hayley Froysland

HIST F300: Issues in Latin American History

2)      Gabriel Popescu

GEOG G110:  Intro to Human Geography

3)      Robert Stockman

REL R220: Introduction to New Testament

4)      Larry Lambert

SPCH S440: Organizational Communication

5)      Kim McInerney

SPCH S121: Public Speaking

6)      Bruce Watson

EDUC A515: Teacher Development and Evaluation

7)      Joseph Campbell

EDUC G585: Contemporary Issues in Counseling

8)      Raj Kohli

BUS F301: Financial Management

9)      Matt Marmorino

CHEM N390: Natural World – Nanotechnology

10)   Henry Scott

GEOL G219: Meteorology

11)   Tim Willig

HIST H105: American History I

12)   Lee Smith

EDUK K205: Introduction to Exceptional Children

13)   Tami Martinez

JOUR J210: Visual Communication

14)   Kevin Gillen

SPCH S427: Cross-cultural Communications

15)   Tom Murphy

HIST A363: Survey of Indiana History

FOR SPRING 2015 CALL FOR PROPOSALS, 19 faculty members were funded to develop online and hybrid/blended courses. 

1) Michelle   Bakerson 

    Secondary Education and Foundations of Education

2) Elizabeth   Bennion

    Political Science

3) Kathy   Doerscher

    Dental Education

4) Kevin   Gillen

    Communication Studies

5) Marsha   Heck

    Secondary Education and Foundations of Education

6) Diane   Lemanski

    Dental Education

7) Jeff   Luppes

    German / World Language Studies

8) Jennifer   Muniz


9) Tom   Murphy  


10) Murli   Nair

    Biological Sciences and Computer Science/Informatics

11) Shawn   Nichols-Boyle  


12) Micheline   Nilsen

    History/Art History

13) Rick   Seniff

    Criminal Justice

14) Hope   Smith Davis

    Secondary Education and Foundations of Education

15) Harry   Vasilopoulus 


16) Dennis   Wolf

    Mathematical Sciences

17) Haiyan   Yin 

    Finance and International Business

18) Liguo   Yu

    Computer Science

19) Lisa   Zwicker

    History; Women and Gender Studies

So far, we have funded the development of 179 Online and Hybrid/Blended Courses and more to come.

We offer several Online Degree Programs.  If you're interested in pursuing an online degree, please email or complete our web form.  

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