The School of Education's 1:1 Laptop Intiative

IU South Bend’s School of Education prides itself in creating educators that are ready to face the demands of today’s teaching and learning environments.  As technology takes on an ever-growing role in and out of the classroom, our students will be prepared with 21st century skills to enhance their own learning and that of their future students. 

Equipped with MacBooks, IU South Bend’s education students and faculty have access to tools that allow for a student-centered, interactive environment.   MacBooks will be able to access the wireless network and printers on campus.  Students will be using tools, such as, iMovie and the built in iSight camera, to demonstrate their learning while simultaneously learning how to incorporate technology into their future teaching.  It is the goal of the Education Laptop Initiative that all students will graduate from the program confident in their technology skills and abilities to teach future generations.