REPA (Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability) Information

This is a statement issued by the Indiana University deans of education and applies to all educator preparation programs offered by Indiana University.

REPA Implications on Education Programs at Indiana University

On March 30, 2010, Governor Mitch Daniels signed changes to the Indiana Administrative Code impacting teacher education programs and teacher licensing.  For students seeking to become new teachers in the state of Indiana here are the facts about programs offered by Indiana University.

  1. Students will have until August 31, 2013 to complete their current education degree program and to be eligible for the respective initial teacher license.
  2. Freshmen, beginning their studies in the fall 2010, and students who do not plan to finish their education degree program before August 31, 2013 will be required to complete an education degree program that complies with REPA.  The practical implications of REPA on education degree programs include:

Bachelor Of Science Degree In Secondary Education

All IU Schools of Education will continue to offer the bachelor of science (BS) degree in secondary education.  Changes to the academic content in BS degrees in secondary education have not been substantial, however, some program have changed. Students interested in secondary education are encouraged to check with their education advisors to see if any academic content requirements have been changed.

Bachelor Of Science Degree In Elementary Education

All IU Schools of Education will include in the bachelor of science (BS) degree in elementary education a minor, concentration, or dual licensing options; all which comply with REPA.  Discussions among faculty are ongoing and each campus will have appropriate changes in place in time for spring pre-registration (March 2011).  NOTE:  NO changes will be made to freshmen course requirements. 

Admissions Requirements Into Teacher Education

Currently, NO changes have been made to admissions requirements.  Present school of education admissions requirements include passing Praxis I, a basic skills test, with a minimum score set by the state Professional Standards Advisory Board. The Board has approved additional options that went into effect on July 1, 2011. 

License Additions For Initial Licenses

A number of education degree programs on individual campuses have been designed to prepare candidates not only for their initial license, but also for a license addition.  Candidates are encouraged to check with their education advisors for details.  In addition to these options, REPA permits candidates to add a content area to an existing license, one of two ways:  successfully complete the respective coursework in the content area, as identified by the faculty OR pass the appropriate Praxis II test.  REPA notes the following exceptions to the license addition options.  Candidates MUST complete satisfactorily both the coursework identified by the faculty and the respective Praxis II test for the following content areas:  communication disorders, exceptional needs, fine arts, early childhood education, elementary generalist, English as a new language (ENL), and high ability education.