Mental Health Counseling Program

The Counseling and Human Services (CHS) program at Indiana University South Bends offers 2 courses of study in clinical mental health counseling for professionals at all stages of their careers. Each of these programs can be used as a path to mental health counseling licensure (LMHC) in the state of Indiana. Please review the information below and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We appreciate your visit to our site! For further information on any of our programs, including application instructions, please contact our Education Advising Office at (574) 520-4845. You can also feel free to contact specific program faculty with questions about counseling and our curriculum.


The CHS program offers the following courses of study in clinical mental health counseling:

  1. Masters of Science in Counseling and Human Services – Clinical Mental Health Counseling program track (60 credit hours)
  2. Clinical Mental Health Counseling Licensure Patch (variable credits)


The Clinical Mental Health Counseling track of the MS in Counseling and Human Services consists of 60 credit hours of graduate study. Students fulfill requirements in both the common counseling core of the curriculum as well as courses specific to the clinical mental health specialty. The program follows a cohort model wherein students are admitted and take courses with an identified group of their peers. The program can be completed in a minimum of 3 years of full time study, which includes summer classes. Courses for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling track are as follows:

Common Counseling Core:

  1. G500: Orientation to Counseling
  2. G523: Laboratory in Counseling
  3. G575: Cross-Cultural Counseling
  4. G506: Personality Development: Growth of Normal and Deviant Styles
  5. G522: Counseling Theory
  6. P514: Life-span Development
  7. G590: Research in Guidance and Counseling
  8. G507: Lifestyle and Career Development
  9. G505: Individual Appraisal
  10. G532: Introduction to Group Counseling
  11. G567: Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling
  12. G524: Practicum in Counseling
  13. G550: Internship in Counseling and Guidance (taken twice)
  14. G592: Seminar in Drug/Alcohol Use Prevention

Clinical Mental Health Track Courses:

  1. G525  Advanced Practicum
  2. G596: Counseling Supervision
  3. G563: Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
  4. G585: Contemporary Issues in Counseling
  5. G595 Topical Seminar in Counseling

The Clinical Mental health counseling track of the MS program was designed to meet requirements for mental health counseling licensure (LMHC). Graduates of the program will be eligible to apply for licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Association (LMHCA) immediately after graduation. After the LMHCA is granted by the state of Indiana, graduates must attain 2 years of post-degree clinical practice (3000 hours) under the supervision of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Upon completion of these hours, graduates are eligible to apply for full LMHC licensure in Indiana. In order to attain licensure, graduates must take and pass the National Counselor Exam (NCE) and the National Mental Health Counselor Exam (NMHCE) at separate points of the licensure application process as designated by the state licensure board.

Practicum and Internship Experiences

Students in the Clinical Mental Health Track of the CHS program take part in 4 field experiences. Students should note early in their program that they are responsible for identifying and securing their own field placements. This involves making contacts with local agencies, identifying areas of personal interest, and interviewing for practicum and internship positions. In order to enroll in practicum, which is the first field experience, students must complete required application materials by September 15. Information on the application process is available in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum Manual.

Beginning the Spring Semester of the 2nd year of study, students enroll in G524: Practicum in Counseling for their first field experience. G524 consists of weekly class meetings on campus, clinical work at a local agency, program development, and professional development. Students complete 200 clock hours of field work during G524, with 50 of these hours consisting of direct service to clients.

During the Fall and Spring Semesters of the 3rd year of study, students enroll in G550: Internship in Counseling. Students will be enrolled in this course with peers in both the clinical mental health and addictions counseling program tracks. G550 consists of weekly class meetings on campus, clinical work at a local agency, program development, and professional development. Students complete 300 clock hours of clinical work during each semester of G550. Further information on the hourly clinical work requirements during G550 can be found in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum and Internship Manuals

Lastly, in the final summer of their program, students enroll in G525: Advanced Practicum. The format of this class is similar to G524 and G550. Students will complete 200 clock hours of field experience at a local mental health treatment agency. At the culmination of G525, students will have accumulated 1000 field experience clock hours as required for state licensure.


The CHS program offers two licensure patches designed to serve the needs of those licensed professionals who possess a master’s degree and want to gain licensure as a mental health counselor (LMHC) in the state if Indiana. The first patch is designed for current school counselors who wish to get licensed in mental health. The second patch is designed for those licensed counselor from other states who are relocating to Indiana and need to fulfill further educational requirements for the LMHC. Each of these programs is tailored to the individual student’s licensure needs. Further information is available on our Licensure Patch information page (insert hyperlink to page on highlighted text).


Potential students are not required to have a human services background or degree in any social science discipline to be considered for the program.

The CHS Master’s Program admits students during the Summer 1 session. Applications for the Master’s program are due April 1 of each year. Admissions to the certificate program are made at multiple points during the year and applications are accepted for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and sessions. To find out more about the application process, or to obtain application materials, please contact the Education Student Services office at (574) 520-4845.

there is a different application process for licensure patches, which can be found on the licensure patch page

  1. Application for Admission to Graduate Study (on-line through Admissions Office).
  2. An undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Applicants may apply to the program prior to the completion of the undergraduate degree provided that the degree is earned by May of the admission year.
  3. GPA requirements:
    1. Applicants to graduate programs in the School of Education must have an overall CGPA of 3.0 or have earned a CGPA of 3.5 in the last 60 hours of their undergraduate degree and meet all other admission requirements to be fully admitted to graduate programs in the School of Education.
    2. Those who do not meet the GPA requirement must complete the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and score at least 150 on the Verbal Reasoning and at least a 3.5 on the Analytical Writing section.  Information can be found online at
  4. Written personal statement:
    1. List and describe your work and volunteer experiences related to the field of counseling and human services.
    2. List and describe education and training related to the field of counseling and human services beyond your formal coursework which you have attained as a result of participation in workshops, seminars, professional meetings, etc.
    3. Why have you selected Counseling and Human Services as a preferred area of study?
    4. What characteristics do you have that you believe would make you a successful counselor?
    5. What additional information do you wish to bring to the awareness of the screening committee regarding your application?
  5. Official transcripts documenting all degrees earned or in progress, and any other academic work
  6. Three letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic sources
  7. An interview with resident faculty member. Submission of all required application materials is required to schedule an interview.

Handbooks and Helpful Documents

  1. CHS Program Manual 
  2. CHS School Counseling Program Handbook
  3. CHS Addictions Programs Handbook
  4. CHS Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum Manual
  5. CHS Clinical Mental Health Internship Manual
  6. CHS Addictions Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual
  7. Graduate Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling Manual

Program Advising Sheets

  1. MS in School Counseling Program Advising Sheet
  2. MS in Mental Health Counseling Program Advising Sheet (54 credit hour program - closed to new students)
  3. MS in Mental Health Counseling Program Advising Sheet (60 credit hour program)
  4. MS in Addictions Counseling Program Advising Sheet
  5. Graduate Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling Advising Sheet
  6. School Counseling Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  7. Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  8. Clinical Addictions Counselor Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  9. State Counseling Licensure Transfer Patch Advising Sheet

Sample State Licensure Forms
The documents at the links below are taken from the State of Indiana licensure applications forms for mental health and addictions counseling licensure. Each form details where our courses fit into the required educational content areas for licensure.

  1. State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  2. LMHC sample application Form C
  3. LMHCA sample application Form C
  4. LAC sample application Forms C and P
  5. LCAC sample application Forms C and P

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