Professional Educational Services

The Department of Professional Educational Services at Indiana University South Bend provides certificate, licensure and degree programs in Educational Leadership and Special Education.

The Educational Leadership program provides graduate education for those individuals interested in obtaining their Indiana principal's license. Extensive field experiences, authentic learning, and problem-solving exercises are integrated into each course, preparing candidates for the rigorous state licensing exam and the problem solving expectations associated with leadership positions. The Educational Leadership program has been nationally recognized by Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC).

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The Special Education program prepares individuals for positions in the challenging and highly rewarding field of special education. Students in the undergraduate program can earn a P-12 license in mild disabilities through the Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Special Education, or a developmental license in conjunction with a major in elementary or secondary education. At the graduate level, candidates can with an undergraduate degree can seek an initial license in P-12 special education through the Master of Arts in Teaching with a major in Special Education, or earn a Master of Science Degree in Education with an emphasis in special education. Graduate students can seek a license in mild interventions or intense interventions. The Special Education program has been nationally recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

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