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Dossier Preparation

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to assemble a dossier that includes documentation of accomplishments in teaching, scholarship, and service. The school encourages those preparing a dossier to follow the guidelines for dossier organization that are outlined in the IUSB Academic Handbook. Assembly of the dossier should begin during the first year of the faculty member’s appointment since the dossier must be submitted to the School of Education Promotion, Tenure, and Reappointment (PTR) Committee during the second or third year of their appointment (depending on the terms of the faculty appointment). Clear documentation of professional development in teaching, scholarship, and service is important beginning with the first semester the faculty member is employed at the university.

Candidates for promotion or tenure (but not reappointment) must include a short introductory statement describing the area of excellence that the candidate will present. Candidates for promotion, tenure, or reappointment should include a longer statement for each of the major areas of university concern (teaching, scholarship, and service) at the beginning of each of those dossier sections. The statements should emphasize the strengths which are being documented and put them into context. These statements also will allow the candidate to draw attention to any unique contributions which otherwise might be overlooked.

Dossiers should be kept brief, highlighting salient features of the person’s contributions.  It is critical that the candidate explain the relevance of the evidence in the dossier. This could include a narrative that guides the reader through the dossier in a manner which informs the reader of the strengths and significance of the evidence. Additional documentation should be compiled in a supplementary notebook, as appropriate.

Approved 4/25/2014