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General Guidelines - Dossier Preparation - Peer Review by Academic and Professional Colleagues - Teaching - Service - Scholarship - References for Scholarship of Teaching and Course/Teaching Portfolios - PTR Home

General Guidelines

All faculty should study the procedures and criteria for reappointment, promotion, and tenure. Guidelines may be found in the IU South Bend Faculty Handbook, 1998, pages 23-26 and the IU Academic Handbook, 1997, pages 61 - 65. The division encourages those preparing a dossier to follow the guidelines for dossier organization which are outlined on pages 25 - 26.

The School of Education considers teaching, scholarship, and service in making promotion, tenure, and reappointment decisions using the guidelines outlined in the IU South Bend 1998 Faculty Handbook:

"A candidate for promotion and/or the granting of tenure will normally excel in at least one of the areas of teaching, scholarship, or service and exhibit at least satisfactory performance in the remaining areas. In exceptional cases, promotion and/or tenure may also be given to a candidate exhibiting a balance of strengths demonstrating excellent overall performance." (p. 23)

The School of Education believes that it is crucial that junior faculty members begin to consider the documentation of their professional contributions to the university and community early in their career. Following their third year each candidate is strongly encouraged to submit a complete dossier for a midterm review. The faculty of the School of Education will support all junior faculty members as they progress in their professional development but it is important that they consult with the Dean and the PTR Committee to build their case in teaching, scholarship, and service.