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PTR Guidelines

General Guidelines - Dossier Preparation - Peer Review by Academic and Professional Colleagues - Teaching - Service - Scholarship - References for Scholarship of Teaching and Course/Teaching Portfolios

School of Education - Committee on Promotion, Tenure, and Reappointment

The School of Education’s Promotion, Tenure, and Reappointment Committee’s membership shall consist of six members elected by the faculty. Four of these elected members will be tenured faculty, one will be a pre-tenured faculty, and one will be a lecturer. Elected members will serve for a two-year term. Only tenured members of the committee will vote on promotion and/or tenure decisions. The tenured members and pre-tenured member will vote on reappointment decisions. The lecturer will only vote on reappointment decisions and on promotion decisions for lecturers. In addition, the Dean will appoint an observer who will not vote. All members will participate in committee discussions. The Committee will review this policy annually and make recommendations for change, if warranted. 

Adopted - October 23, 2009

PTR Guidelines

Indiana University recognizes the diversity of each campus and department. In directing promotion and tenure decisions the IU Academic Handbook charges each academic unit with the responsibility of specifying its mission and criteria for promotion and tenure decisions:

"Tenure considerations must recognize the diversity of the missions and the contexts of the campuses of the University and must not ignore the mission of the particular unit as defined in its statement of criteria and procedures and the individual's contribution to that mission." (IU Academic Handbook, P.62)

Indiana University also recognizes the importance of each unit communicating the standards for promotion and tenure to the faculty, especially probationary faculty.

Each campus on which tenure is held (and other units as appropriate, e.g., school, college, department) shall have a document that states with reasonable specificity the standards that will be used to evaluate whether candidates meet the criteria for tenure. (IU Academic Handbook, p. 61)

Indiana University South Bend also directs schools and departments to make public their standards for the promotion and tenure process.

"It is the responsibility of each unit at the appropriate level of review to evaluate its expectations and provide tenure-probationary faculty members as soon as possible after their initial appointment with a written statement clearly outlining the unit's general expectations regarding the type and quality of activities in the three areas evaluated for reappointment, tenure, and promotion." (IU South Bend Academic Handbook, p. 23)

This document has two purposes: first, to describe the role of teaching, scholarship, and service as they relate to the mission of the School of Education at IU South Bend; and second, to establish general guidelines in the documentation of teaching, scholarship, and service for faculty involved in the promotion, tenure, or reappointment process. Although a promotion and tenure decision cannot be made using rigid guidelines based on quantitative judgments, this document is intended to guide IU South Bend education faculty as they present their professional development and contributions in teaching, scholarship, and service for the PTR process.

This document is also meant to communicate to other persons involved in the PTR review process the mission and criteria the School of Education has agreed to use in evaluating our faculty. The faculty of the School of Education has reviewed this document and approved it as a guide for the promotion, tenure, and reappointment process.