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Welcome to the CHS Program School Counseling Webpage! We are proud to offer two programs in school counseling, both leading to school counseling licensure in the state of Indiana. The programs are:

  1. MS in Counseling – School Counseling Program Track
  2. School Counseling Licensure Patch

Please feel free to explore this page and contact us with any questions! We look forward to speaking with you further about our program in school counseling!


  • CACREP Accredited since 2005
  • Indiana School Counselor Licensure Ready
  • 48 credit hours
  • Evening/online/hybrid classes
  • E-Portfolio development( technology based resume/career tool)
  • Grant writing skill development
  • Student Centered
  • Weekly faculty Individual Supervision during Practicum/Internship
  • Faculty who are practitioners and scholars in their field
  • Flexibility to choose fieldwork site


This will link you to the CHS School Counseling Handbook, which describes the program's structure and content, curriculum, course scheduling sequence, field experiences, faculty, and other important information. The guide will download as a pdf file.


To learn more about our School Counseling program please click on the mini Information Session videos (5 minutes each) below:


This patch is designed to serve the needs of those mental health professionals who are licensed as a counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapist, psychologist, or some related profession, and desire to transition in the school counseling profession. For more information on the School Counseling Licensure Patch click here!


  • IUSB School Counseling graduates are transformational professionals with exceptional skills in counseling, communication, collaboration, coordination, leadership, problem solving, and data driven program development who will work in a variety of educational settings.
  • Our philosophy of the School Counseling Track program is that “School Counseling cannot be done in isolation.” Therefore, our graduates practice collaborative, ethical, transformational, reflective, and compassionate leadership in their work settings.  Graduates are reflective and effective practitioner-scholars who are dedicated to lifelong personal and professional growth and development.
  • IUSB School Counseling graduates are committed to their local communities and as such seek to build and maintain relationships with all stakeholders.  Through advocacy and the effective use of data, school counseling graduates utilize their leadership and problem solving skills to empower and change systems to benefit all, including  marginalized groups.
  • The principles and concepts of the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) National Model, the Transforming School Counseling Initiative (TSCI), the Indiana School Counseling Association (ISCA) and the Indiana Department of Education-Student Services (IDOE-SS) are guideposts in our school counseling track.
  • Using e-Portfolios, IUSB School Counseling graduates are highlighting their grant writing, consultancy, and program development skills.  These skills are essential for our graduates’ success as well as for the students who they are preparing for the 21st Century global economy.
  • IUSB School counseling graduates play an integral role in the mission, vision and goals of the educational settings in which they practice.  They organize and develop comprehensive school counseling programs that meet the Career, Academic and Personal-Social needs of all students. Our graduates utilize appropriate counselor dispositional skills, attitudes and behaviors to collaborate effectively with parents, teachers, administrators and other relevant stakeholders as they prepare all students to be college and career ready for the 21st century.


Potential students are not required to have a human services background or degree in any social science discipline to be considered for the program.

The CHS Master’s Program admits students during the Summer 1 session. Applications for the Master’s program are due April 1 of each year. Admissions to the certificate program are made at multiple points during the year and applications are accepted for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and sessions. To find out more about the application process, or to obtain application materials, please contact the Education Advising Office at (574) 520-4845 

there is a different application process for licensure patches, which can be found on the licensure patch page.

Applications requirements are as follows:

  1. Application for Admission to Graduate Study (on-line through Admissions Office).
  2. An undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Applicants may apply to the program prior to the completion of the undergraduate degree provided that the degree is earned by May of the admission year.
  3. GPA requirements:
    1. Applicants to graduate programs in the School of Education must have an overall CGPA of 3.0 or have earned a CGPA of 3.5 in the last 60 hours of their undergraduate degree and meet all other admission requirements to be fully admitted to graduate programs in the School of Education.
    2. Those who do not meet the GPA requirement must complete the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and score at least 150 on the Verbal Reasoning and at least a 3.5 on the Analytical Writing section.  Information can be found online at
  4. Written personal statement:
    1. List and describe your work and volunteer experiences related to the field of counseling and human services.
    2. List and describe education and training related to the field of counseling and human services beyond your formal coursework which you have attained as a result of participation in workshops, seminars, professional meetings, etc.
    3. Why have you selected Counseling and Human Services as a preferred area of study?
    4. What characteristics do you have that you believe would make you a successful counselor?
    5. What additional information do you wish to bring to the awareness of the screening committee regarding your application?
  5. Official transcripts documenting all degrees earned or in progress, and any other academic work
  6. Three letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic sources
  7. An interview with resident faculty member. Submission of all required application materials is required to schedule an interview.


School counseling students at IUSB will be assessed based on several  assessment guidelines: Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) standards, Counselor Competencies Scale (CCS),Core School Services Professional standards, and the specific standards for school counseling professionals.

CACREP Standards

  • Foundations of school counseling
  • Contextual dimensions of school counseling
  • Knowledge and skill requirements for school counseling

Core School Services Professional Standards

  • Students and the learning process
  • Educational and learning systems and organizations
  • Family and community
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Legal issues
  • Ethics and professionalism

Standards for School Counseling Professionals

  • Leadership
  • Student assistant services
  • Education and career services
  • On becoming a professional school counselor, CHS requires that you become a student member of the Indiana School Counseling Association (ISCA) and the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).

As a pre-service school counselor, you are encouraged to attend local school board meetings and advocate for the roles and responsibilities of school counselors locally and nationally.


Handbooks and Helpful Documents

  1. CHS Program Manual 
  2. CHS School Counseling Program Handbook
  3. CHS Addictions Programs Handbook
  4. CHS Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum Manual
  5. CHS Clinical Mental Health Internship Manual
  6. CHS Addictions Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual
  7. Graduate Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling Manual

Program Advising Sheets

  1. MS in School Counseling Program Advising Sheet
  2. MS in Mental Health Counseling Program Advising Sheet (54 credit hour program - closed to new students)
  3. MS in Mental Health Counseling Program Advising Sheet (60 credit hour program)
  4. MS in Addictions Counseling Program Advising Sheet
  5. Graduate Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling Advising Sheet
  6. School Counseling Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  7. Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  8. Clinical Addictions Counselor Licensure Patch Advising Sheet
  9. State Counseling Licensure Transfer Patch Advising Sheet

Sample State Licensure Forms
The documents at the links below are taken from the State of Indiana licensure applications forms for mental health and addictions counseling licensure. Each form details where our courses fit into the required educational content areas for licensure.

  1. State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  2. LMHC sample application Form C
  3. LMHCA sample application Form C
  4. LAC sample application Forms C and P
  5. LCAC sample application Forms C and P

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American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

National Center for Transforming School Counseling (NCTSC)

Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA)

Indiana Department of Education (IDOE)

The Indiana Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC)

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

School Counselor tube


A Blueprint for Reform

Professional Standards

School counseling students at IUSB will be assessed based on several  assessment guidelines: Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) standards, Counselor Competencies Scale (CCS),Core School Services Professional standards, and the specific standards for