Elkhart Center Information

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid information is available at the Elkhart Center throughout the academic year. For students taking classes at the Elkhart Center only or who live in Elkhart County, there are several scholarships; available.

Also, instructors may contact students with important class information via e-mail or through Canvas. Therefore, it is important for students to check their e-mail account on a regular basis as it is the official means of communication for the university. Also, it is important to make sure that all students contact information is current at IU-Notify.

No Smoking Policy

IU South Bend became a tobacco-free campus beginning January 1, 2008. Indiana University has determined that all campuses will be tobacco-free to promote the health and well-being of employees, students, and others on campus. The Elkhart Center adheres to the IU South Bend tobacco-free policy.  


An IU South Bend parking permit is required to park in the university parking lot adjacent to the Elkhart Center. Free public parking is available on the street and in the city lot across from the Elkhart Center. Students may also park on the second level of the Marion Street parking garage. If students park on the street or in Elkhart city lots, please be aware of any time and usage restrictions.

The Interurban Trolley Transfer Center is located two blocks from the Elkhart Center. By taking the trolley to the Bittersweet stop in Mishawaka, it is possible to connect to a Transpo bus and continue to the South Bend campus.


An IU South Bend security officer is onsite at the Elkhart Center during open building hours. The security office is located just inside the front entrance. Officers are available to provide first aid and emergency care, safe escort to vehicles and can unlock and jumpstart vehicles. In addition, the security office is the location for lost and found items. To request the services of an Elkhart Center security officer go to the security office or call (574) 520-4239 during the evening. 


SmartStart students are those taking 24 or more credit hours at the Elkhart Center. SmartStart students benefit from the personal attention and instruction from faculty and staff. By taking all classes in Elkhart, students have a solid foundation of general education courses to build an IU degree. 

If students wish to take all of their classes in Elkhart, they should work with their academic advisor to plan an Elkhart schedule. Also, once students have completed 24 or more credit hours at the Elkhart Center, they may apply for a Verizon Scholarship.

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