First-Year Writing


Curriculum for First Year Writing Courses

Essential Handouts for W031/W130/W131

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W131 Exit Goals

W130 Exit Goals

What Is a Thesis or Theory? (Goal 1)

Some Thesis Statement Tips (Goal 1)

What Is an Opening Paragraph? (Goal 1)

An Introduction to Introductions (Goal 1)

Key Terms (Goals 1, 3, and 6)

Constructing Body Paragraphs (Goal 2)

Body Paragraph Model (Goal 2)

Making Connections (Goal 3)

A Guide to Using Quotations (Goal 4)

Transitions (Goals 5 and 7)

Linking Words: The Limits of Words that Make Lists (Goals 5 and 7)

Strategies for Organizing College Papers (Goal 6)

Writing a Conclusion (Goal 6)

Thinking about Titles (Goals 1 and 6)

Proofreading Guide (Goal 8)

Guide to MLA In-Text Citation (Goals 4 and 8)

The Works Cited Page—MLA Format

Sample Paper Formatting: The Jane Doe Paper
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Department of English Policies

Textbook Links

All Courses
A Pocket Style Manual
Rules of Thumb

Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing
Signs of Life in the USA: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers

Literacies: Reading, Writing, Interpretation
Mind Readings: An Anthology for Writers


Nancy Botkin
Director, First-Year Writing Program
Senior Lecturer
Department of English

office: DW 3155
phone: 574-520-4886


Joshua Giorgio-Rubin
Associate Director of First Year Writing              
Administrator of Writers' Room; Composition

offices: DW3176, AI116D
phone: 520-4823


Rebecca Brittenham
Associate Professor of English 
Department of English

office: DW 3129
phone: 574-520-4826