Minors and Certificates

If you are interested in pursuing a minor or certificate in the Department of English, registration is easy and only takes a few minutes! To officially declare a minor or certificate, please see Paul Foltz in DW 3300B to fill out the appropriate paperwork. He can be reached by email: or phone: (574) 520-4537. If you have any questions, please contact the Advisor for the plan you would like to pursue, or our Department at 520-4304 or


Students of any major outside of English may choose to pursue a minor in English. ENG-L202, and one other ENG-E or ENG-L at the 300-level or higher, must be completed, in addition to nine additional credit hours that would otherwise contribute to the major.

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Elaine Roth is the Advisor for the English Minor.


English majors may minor in Creative Writing if they choose the literature concentration in the major. In place of the ENG-L 202 requirement for the minor, English majors take any creative writing course. In addition, they have the option to substitute another creative writing course for the literary survey requirement of the minor.

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For the Creative Writing Minor Checklist, click here.

Clayton Michaels is the Advisor for the Creative Writing Minor.


English majors may minor in Film Studies with either the literature or writing concentration in the major. The minor may include up to 6 credit hours at the 100-level. In addition, students seeking to apply a course with a more comprehensive theme to the minor should be able to show that a major portion of their work, such as a term paper or similar assignment, dealt directly with a film studies topic. The Film Studies Committee reviews applications for substitutions.

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Elaine Roth is the Advisor for the Film Studies Minor.


Our program offers introductory and in-depth courses that prepare students for the types of writing they will encounter within and outside of the university. Our program places strong emphasis on writing in a variety of contexts, on writing for multiple audiences, on incorporating multimedia current in the field and on collaboration and community service.

An IU-South Bend Area Certificate in Professional Writing will help you become a more conifdent writer and prepare you for a professional career. The certificate offers opportunities to:

  • Create professional documents used in the workplace
  • Develop your document design skills
  • Enhance your document writing skills
  • Strengthen your editing skills
  • Identify language strategy for compelling written arguments
  • Promote collaborative thinking to enhance professional interactions
  • Produce a professional resume, cover letter, and other application materials that target specific career choices and will help you stand out in the job market 

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For the Professional Writing Certificate brochure, click here

Jackie Collins is the Advisor for the Professional Writing Certificate.