Professional Writing


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Our program offers introductory and in-depth courses that prepare students for the types of writing they will encounter within and outside of the university. Our program places strong emphasis on writing in a variety of contexts, on writing for multiple audiences, on incorporating multimedia current in the field and on collaboration and community service.

An IU-South Bend Area Certificate in Professional Writing will help you become a more conifdent writer and prepare you for a professional career. The certificate offers opportunities to:

  • Create professional documents used in the workplace
  • Develop your document design skills
  • Enhance your document writing skills
  • Strengthen your editing skills
  • Identify language strategy for compelling written arguments
  • Promote collaborative thinking to enhance professional interactions
  • Produce a professional resume, cover letter, and other application materials that target specific career choices and will help you stand out in the job maket 


Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. To officially declare an Area Certificate in Professional Writing, please see Paul Foltz in DW 3300B to fill out the paperwork. He can be reached by email: or phone: (574) 520-4537. If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Writing Committee Chair, Dr. Jackie Collins, via email: 


  • A grade of C or above is required in W131 or the equivalent before a student can gain entry into the program.
  • Students need to officially declare the Certificate in Professional Writing before earning credits in the second or third tier.
  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in certificate courses to attain the Professional Writing Certificate.

Professional Writing Certifcate Courses:

The student should complete 12 credit hours from the following courses:

First Tier - Mandatory courses: Students should choose at least three courses and may choose up to five courses from this tier.

  • ENG-W231: Professional Writing Skills
  • ENG-W232: Introduction to Business Writing 
  • ENG-W250: Writing in Context
  • ENG-W315: Writing for the Web
  • ENG-W367: Writing for Multiple Media

Second Tier - Optional courses: Students should choose no more than two courses from this tier.

  • JOUR-J 341: Newspaper Reporting
  • JOUR-J 351: Newspaper Editing
  • TEL-T211: Writing for the Electronic Media
  • ENG-W270: Argumentative Writing

Third Tier - Optional courses: Students should choose no more than one course from this tier.

  • ENG-W260: Film Criticism
  • ENG-W350: Advanced Expository Writing
  • ENG-W301: Writing Fiction
  • JOUR-J410: Media as Social Institutions

Professional Writing Committee:

Jackie Collins, Chair
DW 3142 

Rebecca Brittenham
DW 3129

Smiljka Cubelic
DW 3125

Erinn Kelley
DW 3146 

Joanne Detlef
AI 116