All faculty members who teach ENG and CMLT courses that count for the major (at the 200-, 300-, and 400-level) should place electronic copies of the papers of the English majors enrolled in those courses in the assessment holding area.  (You will receive early in the semester a list of the English majors enrolled in your courses.) Please do this by the end of the semester. The following describes the archiving procedure.

  1. Make sure that you have placed an indicator on your paper assignments of the Educational Goals that those assignments target.  (The Educational Goals, with explanatory commentary, are here.)  In the footer of the first page of your paper assignments, supply the letters and numbers of the relevant goals; use parentheses to indicate optional goals.  For example, a short close-reading literature paper might have in its footer “A.1, (A.2) A.6, A.7, A.11”:  this means literature goals 1, 6, 7, and 11 are targeted; goal 2 is optional.  If all the goals for a paper type are relevant, you may simply include, “All B”.  And you’re also encouraged to include as much of the language of these assessment goals in your assignment text as you see fit.
  2. Gather electronic copies of all significant written work from the English majors enrolled in your courses.
  3. Have students include their last names in the filenames of those papers—for example, a paper for E-301 from Joe Smith might be named “Smith-Joe-Chaucerpaper.doc.”  Don't worry about renaming them--but do try to get your students to do this, please!  If you use, Turnitin will append student names to file names when you download papers in a batch.
  4. For each assignment, collect the relevant papers into an electronic folder.  You will create one folder for each assignment for each of your courses in which you have English majors.
  5. Name those folders by course name, semester, year, and assignment.
  6. Place an electronic copy of the assignment description into the folder with the student papers for that assignment; please name these files in the same way as the folder—for example, an E-301 Chaucer assignment might be named “E301-FA-09-ChaucerPaper.doc.”
  7. Move all folders to the folder “AssessmentHolding” on the English department H: drive—that is, move them to H:\AssessmentHolding.