Margaret Scanlan

Margaret Scanlan
Professor of English

About Margaret

I’ve taught at IU South Bend for over thirty years, with one-year visits at our sister campuses in Indianapolis and Bloomington. During this time I’ve taught something close to forty courses, but the ones I have always enjoyed the most are those that allow me to develop an enthusiasm for literature as a human activity, closely connected to history, politics, current events, and our lives as members of families and communities. My graduate work was in comparative literature, with a specialty in modern fiction. As a teacher and scholar here, I’ve developed additional interests in contemporary British literature, in postcolonial literature, terrorism and fiction, and in almost anything to do with Irish literature and culture.

Publications include three books, Traces of Another Time: History and Politics in Postwar British Politics (Princeton, 1990); Plotting Terror: Terrorists and Novelists in Contemporary Fiction (Virginia, 2001); and the Ireland volume in Greenwood Press’s Customs and Cultures series (2006).