Forming a Thesis Committee

Committee members are the director and two readers. The director and at least one reader should be tenured or tenure-track faculty in the department. The department has conceived of the roles of the committee members as follows: the director will work closely with the student on drafts throughout the semester and the readers will be called on to read the penultimate or final version of the project (depending on what turns out to be needed).  The degree of involvement of the two readers could vary a bit, but their role would be chiefly to 1) review and discuss the proposal; 2) read and recommend revisions of the nearly finished and polished draft; 3) meet the student and whole committee for the thesis defense.

The student should first ask the appropriate person to direct the project, consult with him or her about who might be suitable other readers, and then ask those other readers to be on the committee, presenting in conversation the main areas and goals of the project (and the ways in which you are prepared to carry it out). The student should work with the director on the proposal and then the whole committee should meet to discuss the aims and merits of the project, signing and dating the proposal form to indicate that it has been accepted. The form should be submitted to the department secrtary.