Forms for English Graduate Faculty

Assessment Forms

Members of the Graduate Committee should use the forms below to assess papers during spring assessment.  Theses should also be assessed using these forms.  Committees should fill out the relevant form after the defense. The director is responsible for submitting the completed form to the graduate director.

Literature, Composition and Linguistics Assessment Form

Creative Writing Assessment Form

Progress Reports

At the end of the semester, faculty teaching graduate courses should complete the relevant form below for each graduate student in the course and submit the forms to the graduate director.

Literature, Composition, and Linguistics Progress Report

Creative Writing Progress Report

Thesis Forms

Proposal Acceptance Form: Fill out this form at the proposal meeting and submit it to the department secretary, who will put it in the student's file.

Literature Thesis Rubric and Creative Writing Thesis Rubric: Each committee member should fill out the appropriate rubric after the thesis. The committee should then use the rubric as the basis for discussing the student's grade. After the defense, the director should  put these forms in the Graduate Director's mailbox.