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The objective of this interdisciplinary minor is for students to develop a broad understanding of our environment from the perspectives of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The minor provides an introduction to the physical and biological disciplines of environmental studies, in addition to instruction in ethical, political, and social topics necessary for effective implementation of sound environmental policy.


The minor is administered by the Environmental Studies Committee which consists of the following faculty members: Candler (Political Science), Marmorino (Chemistry), Marr (Biology), Schnabel (Biology), Scott (Physics / Geology), Sernau (Sociology) and Shockey (Philosophy).


The minor is currently coordinated by Henry Scott. Feel free to contact him with any questions:

Office: NS 345
Telphone: 574-520-5527


15 credits distributed between physical science, biological science and policy / ethics. At least 6 credits must be taken at the 200-level or above. Note: some of the course numbers listed below have variable titles; only the specified titles are currently approved for credit towards the minor. New titles and courses may be approved by the Environmental Studies Committee.

Physical Science - 3cr (choose one of the following)

- CHEM-N 190 Chemistry and Our Environment
- CHEM-C 303 Environmental Chemistry
- GEOL-G 111 Physical Geology
- PHYS-N 190 Energy in the 21st Century

Biological Science - 3cr

- BIOL-N 390 Environmental Biology; Biology majors may substitute L473/L474 (Ecology lecture and lab)

Policy / Ethics - 6cr (choose two from the following)

- PHIL-T 390 Nature and Modernity
- PHIL-T 390 Environmental Philosophy
- POLS-Y 115 Environment and People (Previously offered as SPEA E-162)
- SOC-S 306 Urban Society
- SOC-S 460 or INTL I-490 International Inequalities and Global Issues
- SOC-B 399 Sustainable Communities
- SOC-S 362 World Societies and Cultures: Costa Rica

Electives - 3cr (choose one from the following)

Any of the above courses not already used in the specified areas, in addition to:
- ANTH-E 335 Ancient Mesoamerica (project paper must be on an environmental topic and is subject to approval by the Environmental Studies Committee)
- FINA-A 190 The Modern City
- GEOL-G 219 Meteorology
- GEOL-G 210 Oceanography
- GEOL-G 451 Hydrogeology
- HIST-T 190 History of US Environmental Movements
- WOST-W 302 Women & Sustainability