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Roller Laminator & Large Press

 2 machines to laminate posters, folder games, signs. the 17" wide roller laminator is quick and easy to use.  

 Lamination intensifies color and enhances contrast. 

Die Cuts:

Ellison / Accu-cut Dies [Die Cuts List]

 Over 500 letter & shape dies ( mini, small, large, x large)  for school, church or library needs.  Create hands on activities for the classroom and displays.  These help to  support curriculum from literacy to Science and meet local and national standards while making learning fun. Explore a pictorial view of our Dies & Letters 


 Comb Binder  Bind professional reports, journals, note pads and bind your own children's story with ease. Plastic comb sizes range from 3/8” – 2” in variety of colors and bind 4 – 425 sheets. 
 ProClick Binder  creates a professional look for any reports, job resume with its unique rigid comb style

Printing Services:

 Color Laser Printer

 Print out 8x11 or 11 x17 black/white prints, or color prints. 

 Poster Printer

 Create a poster in minutes using the Varitronics posterprinter.

 Enlarge an 8 x 11 black and white word document for church news, classroom rules, meeting agenda notes.   Sizes start at  23”x31”-30"x40"  in one color on white paper. (Blue, Black)

 Coin operated Copier

 Print options: color or black/white.  Sizes: 8"x11" -11"x17".

 Double sided prints.


 ScanSnap Scanners

 Scanner avavilable on all PCs and Macs in computer area.   Transforms printed documents into PDF file. 

  • One button searchable PDF creation
  • Advanced paper feeding system
  • Effortless scanning for double side 8 x 11 documents
  • 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Turn a project or picture in to a pdf or jpeg file
Paper Products
Construction Paper (9" x 12")
Construction Paper (12" x 18")
Posterboard (22" x 28" in a variety of colors)
Foamboard (30" x 40" black or white) 
Tagboard (red & white)
Computer Printout- Color (8.5" x 11")
Computer Printout - Black & White (8.5" x 11")
Computer Printout- Color (11" x 17")
Computer Printout - Black & White (11" x 17")

Backing Paper /per foot  (Roll is 4' wide)

Binder Covers (front & back)
Binder Comb
Proclick Binder Spine
Laser printer/color
PosterPrinter Plus - large
PosterPrinter Plus - small
Dry-Mount Tissue  (per foot from roll)
Lamination per foot - per foot from rolls (Rolling Laminator or Press)
Xyron Cold Lamination - per ft
WFP poster color per foot
WFP poster black/white per foot


STRAWBEES poly sheets ( to make connectors) 
Replacement Borrower's Card
Overdue Book Fines (per day)
Large Buttons  size: 3 1/2"


Campus Clubs/Organizations:

  • The Dorothy J. Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons (WERC ) is a wonderful resource for all of your display, flyer, and project needs.
  • We have a variety of paper supplies, services, and equipment that can be used to advertise your club or organization in colorful and creative ways.
  • The WERC accepts only check or cash for payment. When you complete your project, make payment at front desk.  The WERC staff we will provide you with a receipt to present to your advisor or treasurer for reimbursement.

 Any Questions? Don't hesitate to contact the WERC staff in the E & Building, Room 2010:

 Service Desk  574-520-4120

 Kim Parker, supervisor  574-520-5548

 Ryan Weber, assistant supervisor  574-520-5543