WERC library

The materials and information resources found in IU South Bend  Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons (WERC) library collections reflects the WERC mission to support IU South Bend School of Education academic curriculum and educators in the Michiana area.  The library area is located in the Education & Arts building, Room 2010 and materials are arranged by subject.  For additional information about the development of the WERC collections, see our Collection Development Policy.  

Collections of Special Interest

  • Massai Kits: Elementary, Middle and High School levels.  The portable kits containing artifacts, books, and lesson plans are available for teachers to use in the classroom to showcase the Massai tribe culture.
  • Grade 3/4 Indiana's Historic Lincoln Highway Resource Kit.  The kit on wheels has games, media materials, books and cross curriculum lesson plans to educate students about the Indiana's portion of the Lincoln Highway 1913 route from east of Fort Wayne to Dyer and US 30 through Plymouth.  
  • Special Education Assistive Technology collection provides PK-12 devices and materials for special needs and autistic children. The purpose of this collection is to show educators and parents how to use the materials to improve the educational experience of special needs students.

Other Collections


K-12 Curriculum materials collection provides Teacher editions, student books and supplemental resources to support the School of Education programs offered at IU South Bend.

Children's Literature Collection

All our books, fiction and nonfiction, that have an intended audience of preschool through young adult are housed in the Juvenile shelves of the WERC library. The purpose of ths collection is to provide a sample of books written for children. Special emphasis is placed on acquiring books on diversity, award winning and special merit books.


The library provide a variety of multimedia materials, including Music, Science, Social Studies, Holidays, Math and Children's Literature topics.

REFERENCE is the name of the collection that along with bibliographies, encyclopedias, contains Facts on File materials. These materials provide core background information for all academic disciplines.  The Facts on File collection contains simple maps, famous people biographies, black/white images and statistical information in the disciplines of American History, the Sciences, the Enviornment, World and United State Geography, and Cultures.

BIG BOOKS collection provides K-2 grade educators with large text print materials and colorful images in the areas of Math, Science, Health, Music, Children's Literature, Art, and Social Studies.

If you wish to make a suggestion for a title to add to our collection you may fill out this Materials Suggestion Form.

Last Reviewed: 06/2016