Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are the placement exams offered?
Exams are offered throughout the year at both the IU South Bend campus and at the Elkhart Center. See reservations for dates, times, and locations.

Can I be waived from taking any of the exams?
If you have taken courses at another college or university, or have taken courses at IU South Bend as a high school student, you may be exempt from taking one or more of the exams. The Office of Admissions determines your status based on your official transcript.

How much do the exams cost?
There is no charge to take the English exam. When you take the math exam, your student account will be billed $26. This fee covers the cost of taking the exam up to five times in a one-year time frame and also the learning modules. You do not have to pay this fee up front. There is a $13 fee for the World Languages Exam.

Do I need to pre-register?
Only for the English exam. Please see the reservations page for details.

How should I prepare for the exams?
There is no advance preparation necessary for the Math and English exams.

What should I bring to the exams?
You need a photo ID and you also need to know your IU South Bend student identification number. If you wish to handwrite instead of type the English exam (which consists of an essay), please bring a black ballpoint pen.

How long do the exams take?
For the math exam, you have up to 90 minutes. For the English exam, you have up to 60 minutes. The World Languages Exam is one hour.

When will I know my results?
For the math exam, you receive your results instantaneously. Results for the English exam take 5 to 7 business days to process. Results are posted to your One.IU account. To protect the confidentiality of student records, placement exam scores are not released over the phone.

Can I retake the exams if I am unhappy with my results?
Yes. You can take the English exam once every 30 days until you enroll in an English composition course. The math exam can be taken up to 5 times in a year.

How long are my placement exam results valid?
Three years

Can accommodations be made for students with disabilities?
Yes. Students with a documented disability should contact Disability Support Services at (574) 520-4832 to arrange for accommodations for the English exam, such as extended test time.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Gateway Information Center.