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STEP #1 - About the Math Placement Exam

The math placement exam is divided into 4 parts. Students have up to 90 minutes to work through 63 problems as follows:
  • Part A: Advanced Arithmetic (15 problems)
  • Part B: Beginning Algebra (15 problems)
  • Part C: College Algebra and Graphs (15 problems)
  • Part D: Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry (18 problems)

When you complete the exam, you are placed into one of the following levels: 0 - 6. Successful completion of parts A & B will place you into level 3 or higher, which indicates you are ready to take a college-level math course.

Placement into level 2 allows you to take IU South Bend course MATH A100 Fundamentals of Algebra.

Placement into math levels 0 & 1 requires students to take a developmental, non-credit math course through Ivy Tech Community College. This Ivy Tech Course will be offered on the IU South Bend campus beginning in fall 2011.

Click here for more information on the exam topics and the placement levels

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