Preparing for the Placement Exams

No advance preparation is necessary for either exam. These exams are not pass/fail, but simply designed to ensure that you are beginning at the proper math and English composition levels that are in line with your current skill levels.

Important Note about the ALEKS Math Exam
After taking the exam, you will have the opportunity to use learning modules to refresh and practice specific math topics unique to your results. You could then retake the exam in order to attempt receiving a higher score. Doing this has the potential to save you time and money if you place into a higher level math course. You should begin your learning modules immediately after taking the exam initially.

The ALEKS exam is valid for one year. You may take the exam a total of 5 times within a year. The first two times may be taken off-campus. Subsequent attempts must be proctored at IU South Bend. You must wait 48 hours between exams. After the first attempt, students are required to study the learning modules a minimum of three hours before taking ALEKS a second time (if taking the test a third time, an additional three hours of studying the learning modules is required).