• Kristi Bly :: BS, North Central College; business consultant and coach with Evolving Paths
  • David Eastman :: MS, Indiana University; experienced trainer and instructor
  • Thomas McGillicuddy :: MLS, Indiana University; HR consultant and former HR executive
  • Cathy Simon :: product development team member and instructor, Work One

We have assembled an outstanding team of supervision instructors for this modular approach to Basic Supervision. To improve your knowledge base or if you are pursuing the Supervisory Management Certificate, take all nine modules. Modules can also be taken in bundles of three or six.

The Role of the Supervisor

What is expected from the supervisor in any organization is leading the improvement effort. Explore the basics that will set you apart from the rest.

Instructor :: Thomas McGillicuddy

Personality Styles

Learn what makes people “tick” and what ticks them off.

Instructor :: David Eastman

Motivating Yourself and Others

Create a motivating environment for your work group and yourself.

Instructor :: Cathy Simon

Communication Skills

Employees want to be talked to. Employees want to be heard. Discover the best ways to effectively communicate with them.

Instructor :: Kristi Bly

Communicating Expectations and Giving Instructions

Clarify exactly what you want from employees by stating your expectations in specific, observable actions that can be measured.

Instructor :: Thomas McGillicuddy

How to Identify and Control Problem Employees

When you recognize problems in your group—what do you do next? Understand the serious impact of those who cause damage to your effectiveness as a supervisor and find out what to do to regain control.

Instructor :: Thomas McGillicuddy<

Time Management

Develop a time management strategy to balance your work priorities with those of your colleagues and employees.

Instructor :: Kristi Bly

Doing Delegation

Get work done through others and banish the “demons of delegation.”

Instructor :: Kristi Bly

Meeting Management

Utilize and have a strategy for every moment you meet with your work group.

Instructor :: Cathy Simon