• Kristi Bly :: BS, North Central College; Business Consultant & Coach with Evolving Path

Communicating in the Workplace

This modular format offers eight short focused learning sessions, each concentrating on fundamental communication skills critical to job functions at any organizational level. Mastering these skills will enable you to make a greater contribution to your organization’s overall business goals.

Note: Required for the Human Resource Practitioner and Quality Management certificates. Anyone may enroll. No additional discount. Modules are available individually for $49 each or as a group. A special discounted fee of $299 is available to those who register for all eight modules.

20 hours :: 2.0 CEUs

Module 1: Looking Within: Identifying Your Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

Using a variety of self-assessment tools, determine your communication pluses and minuses. Learn the ­importance of strong communication skills and how to set goals for improvement.

Module 2: The Art of Communication

Study communication styles and processes and find out how to sharpen your basic skills.

Module 3: Do You Hear What I Hear?

We learn how to read, write, and do math, but have we ever been taught how to listen? This session ­includes a self-assessment of this important skill, followed by ways to improve.

Module 4: Communication Etiquette

Learn appropriate ways to communicate using electronic mediums. Refresh your basic writing and grammar skills.

Module 5: Improving Your Self-Esteem

Use self-assessment tools to determine your level of self-esteem. Learn the differences among passive, ­aggressive, and assertive behavior and how to improve what’s good while eliminating what’s not.

Module 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is essential whether it’s used to praise or criticize. Learn how to give and receive both ­negative and positive feedback. Learn how negative self-talk can limit successful communication.

Module 7: Speak Up!

Evaluate your speaking habits and determine how to improve on this essential business skill by learning the basics of oral communication. Learn how group dynamics affect your communication.

Module 8: Communicating Under Pressure

Everyone talks about stress, but what are you doing about it? In this fast-paced world, coping successfully with stress is essential. Learn how to cope with stress. Other topics include dealing with job burnout and breaking bad habits.