• Kristi Bly :: B.S. North Central College; lifestyle coach, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur with Evolving Paths

Dealing with Difficult People

Negativity is on the rise. Whether it's due to economic uncertainty, personal problems, or general life stress, more and more people are expressing negativity, even outright hostility, towards others. How can you handle these emotionally-charged people and situations without becoming negative yourself? How can you remain positive and constructive when those around you are taking the polar opposite approach?

That's what Dealing With Difficult People is all about. It will empower you to:

  • Maintain emotional stability in crazy and chaotic times
  • Use empathy, humor, and "communications akido" to defuse hostility, anger, and instability.
  • Apply assertiveness, pacing, and directness to engage negative people in positive ways.
  • Deal with bulldozers, snipers, exploders, and other negative personality styles
  • Manage difficult interactions so positive results are produced

Dealing with difficult people is a challenge that none of us like. This session is your opportunity to learn how to make the best of a wide variety of bad situations, and in so doing create a positive and supportive environment.

3 hours :: 0.3 CEU