• Kristi Bly :: BS, North Central College; business consultant and coach with Evolving Paths
  • Charles Hobson, PhD :: Purdue University professor, management, Indiana University Northwest; over 20 years of training, consulting, and management development
  • Debbie Schrager :: MBA, is an experienced and well-respected corporate trainer and college instructor

Change Management

The only thing constant is change…we have all heard that saying and in the business climate today it happens daily!

Another skill that all managers must have is how to be a leader of change by having employee buy in, strong communication systems, understand why the change is happening and be able to present it in a positive manner, including all layers of the organization and including each and every individual.

Instructor :: Debbie Schrager
4 hours :: 0.4 CEU

Innovative Thinking

Tough economic times call for extraordinary solutions. We need more effective problem solvers, decision makers, communicators, and leaders to take us to the next level. Critical Thinking & Innovation is your first step on that journey. In this potent three hour workshop, you will:

  • Explore the key attribute of strategic thinkers
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • Practice creative, “out of the box” thinking
  • Follow a step-by-step process that produces innovation
  • Apply the skills you learn to real life situations

Critical thinking and innovation are no longer luxuries in the business environment. They are necessities that you must master if you want to stay alive and thrive in today’s turbulent times.

Instructor :: Kristi Bly
3 hours :: 0.3 CEU

Performance Management

One of the key roles of every manager is to manage the performance of his or her team members. This class will give you both a broad overview and specific tools to do just that. You will learn how to:

  • Effectively use performance appraisals to motivate higher performance
  • Involve team members in goal setting and benchmarking
  • Use corrective feedback to induce improved performance
  • Apply discipline in a correct, legal, and appropriate manner
  • Coach all team member to develop their individual strengths

Great performance doesn’t just happen.  You, as a manager, are a critical piece of the performance equation. This workshop will show you how to motivate and guide your team members to achieve peak performance.

Instructor :: Charles Hobson, PhD
3.5 hours :: 0.35 CEU

Enhancing Personal Resilience

Being a manager takes brains, fortitude, and energy. Sometimes the demands of the job begin to take their toll. That’s why top-flight managers build their resilience before the problems reach critical mass. In Enhancing Personal Resilience, you will take an assessment to measure your current level of resilience and then learn how to:

  • Manage factors that impact the development of resilience
  • Spot challenges to your resilience
  • Employ a wide variety of techniques that strengthen your resilient
  • Not only survive, but thrive, under pressure

Like emotional intelligence, resilience is one of the keys of successful management —a key not taught or discussed in most management training programs. Now is the time to begin to build your personal resilience.

Instructor :: Charles Hobson, PhD
3.5 hours :: 0.35 CEU